“Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards make learning

phonics and reading easier for everyone.”

Proven to:

Reduce Attainment Gap 
Increase Parental Engagement
Reduce Teacher Workload

Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards are a set of 64, interactive ‘talking’ flashcards that are used in classrooms throughout the UK. The fun, engaging, multi-sensory cards are the perfect phonics accessory for home and school.

Created by two passionate and experienced primary teachers, Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards are proven to support children as they progress from producing individual sounds to reading words and allow them to learn at their own pace, with or without input from an adult.

Simply scan the cards with your smart device and unlock our ‘virtual teacher.’

Dersingham Primary School Impact Summary Report 2018/19:

-30% Increase Year 1 Phonic Screen Test

-Ofsted Recognition

-Increase in Parental Engagement

“Your resource contributed significantly to our outcomes & we are committed to supporting & using this resource next academic year.”

Lando Du Plooy, Headteacher – Dersingham Primary School, London

At Home

‘Phonics’ is a tried and tested method of learning to read where learners link letters (graphemes) to corresponding sounds (phonemes) and combine them to produce words.

Sound confusing? It can be!

To make things easier, we created Carter’s Yard Phonics flashcards to help you help your child to become better at phonics and reading.

Our cards replicate how your child learns phonics at school, but in your home.

“I never learnt to read using phonics so when we get stuck, we scan the card with my phone, they come to life and then we hear each sound and how to blend – brilliant.”

Tracy Smith - Parent

“ My son starts school in September and I have no idea what phonics is, but the cards are great. It’s like having a teacher in your home. It’s reassuring to know that they are created by teachers.”

Joanne Knowles

At School

Carter’s Yard Phonics flashcards are proven to significantly reduce the attainment gap and teacher workload.

Schools who have invested in the cards for parental engagement at home have seen a significant impact on children’s learning, but the cards have also been recognised for their versatility in the classroom – their audio, visual and kinesthetic properties proving a valuable and engaging asset to supplement existing schemes of work.

The cards can be seamlessly integrated into many popular existing phonics programmes to complement teaching, but that’s just the start. The cards are also proving to be of huge benefit to a range of different learners:

  • EAL students
  • SEND students
  • Reluctant learners
  • Disengaged boys
  • Midphase admissions

“Modernising the teaching of phonics. An innovative project that Central Park is proud to be involved with”

Darren Williams , Executive Headteacher - CPD Schools Federation

“We can’t express how much we appreciate your cards and the difference it made to our outcomes.”

Lando Du Plooy, Headteacher - Dersingham Primary School

“Your phonics cards have certainly helped our phonics results & parental engagement.”

Mrs Becky Waters, Headteacher - Dogsthorpe Infant School

“The idea that a school can finally engage parents and children together with phonics homework is exciting”

Atiyya Musa – Assistant Headteacher & Phase One Leader

How to use

Listen, repeat, master!

Use the interactive menu to select to hear:

  • Individual phonics sounds
  • The phonics sound in a word
  • The ‘sounding out’ and blending of phonics sounds to make words
  • In selected examples, the phonics sound used in a short phrase or sentence

Give it a try…

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What our customers are saying…

For anyone teaching their pupils or their own children phonics, I highly recommend this awesome resource from @Carter’s_Phonics! Really engaging for children & at a really affordable price!

Abid Patel, Parent

This is not only a brilliant tool for the kids but also for international mum like me. English is not my first language and ‘phonics’ was not how I was taught to read at school.  I am learning myself as my kids are learning.

Pauline, Parent

Thank you @Carters_Phonics. Usman is obsessed with the phonic flash cards, even his two years old sister started copying Usman while he explores the sounds and the words. Very helpful and easy to use. I would recommend the phonics flash cards to all parents.

@Shameim3, Parent

Thank you @Carters_Phonics for being included in our ‘Learning Journey’ Edtech bus equipment. Your phonics cards have certainly helped our phonics results & parental engagement. Dogsthorpe Infant School is part of your 91% success rate. #DreamBelieveShine

@DogsthorpeInf, Dogsthorpe Infant School
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