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Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards are a set of 64 interactive, augmented reality ‘talking’ flashcards that are proven to reduce the attainment gap, engage learners, improve parental engagement and reduce teacher workload. (source:

The flashcards support children as they progress from producing individual sounds to reading words and allow them to learn at their own pace, with or without input from an adult.

Reducing the attainment gap.

Originally designed to empower families at home, schools across the country have rapidly recognised the versatility of the cards. Teachers across the country have adopted them into their classroom practice to close the attainment gap for a range of student groups:

● English as an Additional Language students
● SEND students
● Reluctant learners
● Disengaged boys
● Midphase admissions


“Modernising the teaching of phonics. An innovative project that Central Park is proud to be involved with”

Darren Williams – Executive Headteacher CPD Federation

Unlike any flashcard you’ve seen

Augmented Reality is a technology that takes the world around you and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like it’s actually there in the real world.

A recent study conducted by Mindshare UK found that Augmented Reality (AR) technology offers 45% higher levels of attention in the brain than other forms of media like TV or general online browsing.

Incorporating the latest AR technology, Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards bring a new dimension to practising new sounds and words, making learning more enjoyable and exciting for children, and enabling them to copy correct English pronunciation through their smart device.*

“Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards is an ace resource for schools and parents.”

Innovate My School

“It is such a simple but effective idea. It’s what we call an instant win-win: low cost but so relevant to the teacher and student.”

Neelam Parmar – Director of E-Learning at Ashford School.

“It’s the first product in a while that I have been genuinely pretty excited by!”

Sarah Hunter – Head Teacher at The Pioneer Academy.

Easy to use

As a Carter’s Yard user, using the cards couldn’t be easier…

Give it a try

Follow the steps above to test your device’s compatibility*

Listen, repeat, master!

Listen to:

  • a single sound
  • a blended word (e.g. “t-a-p”)
  • a complete word
  • the word in a phrase/sentence (selected sounds)

Repeat what you hear

Master your phonics sounds!

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“The idea that a school can finally engage parents and children together with phonics homework is exciting”

Atiyya Musa – Assistant Headteacher & Phase One Leader

Created by teachers…

Carter’s Yard Phonics Flashcards were created by two passionate and experienced primary school teachers:

Mark, a current Head of Computing with a passion for technology and Toby, a former Head of Modern Foreign Languages with a background in English phonetics and language teaching.

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